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03-01-2010, 11:51 AM
Here's a little poem / anger vent that i wrote.

it has a couple of swear words so if you're easily offended don't read it haha.

Page 28

I picked up the daily mail,
Not surprisingly the last on the shelf.
Splashed across page one,
A photograph of a 'role model' intoxicating herself.
I couldn't help but think:
Is this the way we, as a country,
Manifest our self?

The rain persistently pounding,
I turned to page three.
It was about how a member
Of the Beckham family

Had worn flip flops.

Ignoring this ridiculous state of affairs, I soldiered on.
Flicking through adverts and
Disinteresting stories alike,
It fell open at one page headlined:

**** this.

Closing this excuse for a news source,
Something caught my eye.
Page 28: Out of pure remorse,
A young girl, so full of life,
So full of potential,
Had seen killing herself as essential.

All I can say is,
**** you paul dacre.
Youíre just as bad as
A plane hi-jacker.

Putting human life,
As a last resort,
For when you run out of stories
To pathetically report.

**** you paul dacre,
I donít think you deserve a capital letter
And I donít give a **** what you think of me either,
Iím well, well above you,
For one simple asset:

And that is