View Full Version : Gut string impressions

03-07-2010, 08:03 PM
Last week I put gut strings on one of my ukes - this uke was one I'd been having trouble getting a good fit with the tone and the strings. They seemed to really bring out a mellow, delicate quality of tone from that uke (Loprinzi mahogany A) which was always good and loud, but a little sharp and harsh for me.

The strings seem less responsive or flexible than nylon but are pretty crisp, and I get a pretty even response from all notes. They're sort of dead, so you have to tug at them a little, but I like the organic feel and sound. I don't really mind the raspy finger noise or rough texture, either. They're louder than I expected, and there's a deep low end to the sound under the crystal-like high end.

To me they're nothing like those Aquila Nylgut, which are supposed to be like gut. I think Ko'olau Golds are closer.

Oh, and they're only sounding good for me when I play fingerstyle - strumming doesn't seem to work at all. Nice for Renaissance or classical styles. I'll probably try them on more ukes.

03-07-2010, 10:48 PM
Interesting, thanks for the info. What brand were they? I'm curious to feel real gut strings too. Are you not happy with your LoPrinzi. I have one on the way with a spruce soundboard, it comes with Aquilas, which I like, but I was wondering...