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03-08-2010, 02:37 PM
Today as I went back and forth between playing my Koaloha soprano and Honu concert I noticed how similar the scale length felt. I measured both of them and found out they are exactly the same! 15 inches.

Now I'm curious if I actually have a super soprano Koaloha or if all their sopranos are of this scale. Could anyone with a soprano or concert Koaloha chime in?

03-08-2010, 04:58 PM
Have you contacted KoAloha and asked them about it?

03-08-2010, 05:18 PM
Sounds like you got a long neck. Our standards are set at a scale length of 13.75", concerts at 15". If your fret board has dots at the 5th, 7th, 10th, and 12th positions, it's a long neck.

03-08-2010, 05:19 PM
its a supersoprano definetly

03-08-2010, 05:20 PM
PAUL Hope you're feeling better buddy you type tooo fast for me

03-08-2010, 06:58 PM
Yes it does have all those fret markers. Thanks for your help guys!