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03-23-2010, 08:02 PM
Alright, here we go. I held off writing a review until I got a chance to know the uke some more.

Features 8

This is a review of my new Lanikai LK-1C. It is a solid koa concert, with rosewood fretboard, and bridge. It has nineteen frets total, with fret markets on fret 3,5,7,10, 12, and 15. Markers are made of that really pretty stuff, abolone inlay. The finish is beautiful; HIGH UV GLOSS! Go to the kanilea website and look at their ukes, that is what it looks like. It's also handcrafted in Kaneohe, O'ahu Hawaii. .
LIST MSRP 899. I got mine, new for 520, total. It has a few issues. The back is off center a little and I think I've come to notice that the sound hole is put slightly to the left. Does it affect the sound, I would vouch that it does not. The ukulele comes with stock aquila strings. I personally don't like those strings... so I swapped the top three. The A-string keeps the tingy-ness in the uke. The bridge is the basic string through with knots with the addition of bridge pins. They are plastic, white, and definitely cheap. The tuners are open geared Grovers. As for the neck, it is fat... fat fat fat... well, not extremely fat. But wider than my other ukes. My uke came from a fellow uke player from the undergrounds. He gave me such a great deal! I got a personal humidifier, a microfiber clothe, and a case of course!

Sound 8

How does it suit my music tastes? Well, the wider fret board makes picking a whole lot easier because of my stumpy fingers. However, the wider neck also makes it slightly harder to bar a fret. It's pretty loud as well. The sound, as of right now, is much warmer than my KoAloha... it's deeper. The KoAloha is much brighter. With 19 frets, I can play just as much as I can with my tenor uke. It's convenient and very nice for more advanced songs. I like the sound and warmth it has.

Action, Fit & Finish -6

The action is fine for me. It's very easy to push down and hold frets down, but again, the neck is a tad bit wide. The head stock seems to be made of two separate woods. Whether that affects the sound or not, I do not know. Again, as for the finish of this ukulele and the craftsmanship, it isn't the absolute best. Although this is apparently a factory second, you will notice that the back pieces of the ukulele were not centered correctly. They're slightly off. Apart from that, the ukulele is good as gold.

Reliability/Durability -8

The uke seems very reliable. It sounds great and everyday, it seems to get better. The Hardware seems in it for the long haul.
The finish does smudge a little bit, similar to that of a PSP or an Ipod. Can I depend on it? Well, unless it grows legs and walks away, it's not going anywhere. It's a beautiful ukulele.

Customer Support-10

I bought it from ukeskywalker7, with some help from HaoleJohn. Great uke, great price. Great People

Overall Rating-7

I've been playing for ... about 1.5 years now. It's been good. I own a KoAloha Tenor from ukulele academy, a mainland soprano from Uke Republic, and this new Lanikai Concert. Wouldn't mind buying another one, but I'd make sure it has no problems however. Apart from the manufacturing, there's nothing that bothers me about the ukulele. I love the High UV gloss finish on the KOA. It's beautiful!!! I wish my KoAloha had this color. Between this and my koaloha, I would still go with my koaloha. I love the new uke, but it may come to grow on me some more in the near future. Chose this one because I wanted to get a Kanile'a, and from what I understand the Lanikai LK-1C is made by the same people who make Kanile'a's. Will I buy another one, maybe a kanile'a. If you pay full $899 for one, buy a Kanilea or a KoAloha.

Time to save up for the next one... that and pay John back XD;)