View Full Version : New Eleuke Models!!!

03-24-2010, 01:05 PM
Has anyone else noticed them? They just updated the Eleuke site a few days ago!


They look great! They even have a new Solid Koa model and it is BEAUTIFUL! Unfortunately, they are not coming in until early May! But they seem pretty confident it will be early May! Also a new Jazz Mahogany, but again, that one has to wait until May.

But right now you can get your hands on the Vintage Jazz and Jazz Rosewood. As well as the new RH series in blue and red. Maybe black, I wish I had black but they were out of stock when I checked, but someone else may have them. They should be hitting ebay in a week or so.

And I remember there was some buzz about the 100 series being available in Violet... well, the concert size is here!!! I can not wait to see them myself.

I think the KOAs are going to go quick, so if anyone wants to backorder one, let me know. I just can not promise a delivery date, but it should be early May. I know I have 2 tenors set aside for me when they come, but if there is interest let me know so I can get the size you need set aside. I just have to not want to keep it for myself ;)! Darn UAS!!! :p

03-24-2010, 04:04 PM
So, how's business, Mim? I've not heard how things are going for you since adding ukes to the shop. I can't imagine the new Eleuke line-up will hurt sales at all....

03-24-2010, 04:25 PM
I have only sold 3! 1 Pineapple Eleuke and 2 Ohana SK-15. Well, when the Koa comes in I have one of those "sold" as well! They just need to come in!!!

But I am not worried about it, because Ukes do not "go bad" and they look good on the wall. Also, I have not aggressively marketed my ukes yet. Now that I am going to have more stock I think I am going to do the Ebay store thing. I have a lot of people who want to try to play the uke, but we are out of stock of the beginner ukes as well and waiting for those to come in. As soon as those come in, I know I will sell those!