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03-25-2010, 03:51 AM
I decided I am going to buy a vintage Slingerland Maybell banjo Uke. I found one that is in pretty good shape, and plays, but I want to restore it anyway. It is a circa 1920's instrument. Slingerland Maybell Ukes are cool, vintage, collectible, but not particularly "rare". I am torn between keeping it in all it's roaring 20's glory, or completely tearing it down, cleaning, sanding, and refinishing it, as well as upgrading it some. I am considering replacing the old friction tuners to gear tuners. I have a new set of "Ping" open geared tuners, but still undecided what tuners I want to put on it. I have actually two or three questions, I would love to hear some feedback and opinons on.

1st) Should I tear it down and restore this old Uke?
2nd) What tuner should I look seriosly at if I replace, and/or upgrade them?
3rd) What is your opinion on:
Gotoh tuners
Ping tuners

I have Gotoh friction on my good Uke, and Ping geared on my bang around one.
4th) anyone else play a banjo uke?

Lastly, I don't want to spend too much on the old Maybell, but I want to do a good job, and make it nice to play. I want to go with an in-expensive, but good solid reliable tuner.

03-25-2010, 04:06 AM
My opinions

1) to me it depends on the current condition. If it is pretty bad a restoration would be pretty cool, and if it is pretty good a light restoration and clean up would be my choice keeping it as orriginal as possible.
2) depends on the uke and person. I would probably try and at least keep it orginal looking if I were to restore it. Also I have no problems with geared or friction tuners but knoe some people cannot use frictions to save their life.
3) I just upgraded my Stagg to Gotoh friction tuners and they are way nicer then the stock tuners. I havent had that much time with them because my Bridge is coming off and I need to fix that. I have not tried any Ping tuners so I am no help there but I do lik emy Gotoh tuners.
4) I have only played a banjo uke in a shop for a very short time. I have had urges to buy a banjo uke (Waverly and Gold Tones but never pulled the trigger)