View Full Version : Time to send the Mainland to its new home

Chris Tarman
04-02-2010, 05:23 PM
Well, the time has come. Last month I ordered a Mainland Matte Mahogany Soprano for my niece's 18th birthday. That birthday is Sunday. So tomorrow after work I get off work my wife and I are driving over the mountains to the Front Range to give it to her. I've enjoyed stretching the strings in for her, and generally satisfying my curiosity about Mainlands. I must say, I am very impressed. I think if I were buying one for myself I would get the Gloss finish, but Nat wanted the Matte, so that's what I ordered her. I think she'll like it. It is an infinite improvement over the $40 Hilo she bought herself when she and my sister visited me in December. It will be strange not having a Mainland here in the house. I wonder how long I can hold out? Two bass-playing gigs would just about pay for one...