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04-19-2010, 05:01 AM
Anyone heard of them or know anything about them? I saw one for sale and was curious if its worth picking up.

04-19-2010, 05:16 AM
Gretsch made ukes years ago, and were competitors of Martin. They're considered "vintage" now, and are certainly worth considering. They would be solid mahogany, and of good construction. Whether the tone would be as good as a vintage Martin is a matter of debate. Ukes built by Gretsch were also marketed under other names by other companies. I believe either Sears or Montomery Wards sold a relabled Gretsch. Gretsch also made a popular "camp uke" with a round body, sometimes painted(?) blue.

I'd certainly take one if the condition and the price were right. I'd want one in very good condition, structurally and cosmetically, and of course I'd want to pay a fair price.

04-19-2010, 05:29 AM
This one is listed at $250 with some age cracks in the finish.

04-19-2010, 06:59 AM
Ooh I love a good checking!

04-19-2010, 07:45 AM
I've got one...it's nice.
It's also very loud.

04-19-2010, 08:21 AM
I heard a rumor that Gretsch has made some new prototype ukes.....not that I actually held one or played one (dramatic wink of one eye).

04-19-2010, 09:30 AM
This one is listed at $250 with some age cracks in the finish.

I guess it depends on why you want it in the first place. Is it because you are a collector? Do you want it as your primary player? Is it in excellent condition? It is most likely a soprano....is that your preferred size of uke? All these things have a bearing on price.

It could be worth every penny of the $250 asking price....in the right condition, to the right buyer and for the right reasons.

04-19-2010, 10:02 AM
Based on what Flynn108 has said I'm guessing that this is the Gretsch ukulele (http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/dak/msg/1698800402.html) on Craigslist to which he refers.

As I recall from eBay monitoring of such things, $250 is kind of what the upper end of what they usually command on eBay with shipping depending on condition. The picture isn't great, but you'd have a chance to check it out before you complete the transaction. So you'd be in a better position then to determine if it's worth the money. It's not a bargain, but you wouldn't necessarily be paying too much. (though I'd probably have a look at that white label Kamaka also listed before the Gretsch.)

And Flynn108, if this is the listing to which you were referring then that means you're in the Twin Cities area as well. If you're interested in getting together with other folks there's StrumMn (http://strummn.nexo.com/) which meets twice a month at Java J's (http://www.javajason.com/) downtown on Washington. It's always more the merrier. (PM me if you want details.) It's meeting tonight at 7pm, in fact.

04-19-2010, 11:06 AM
Some of the old Gretsch made some top shelf stuff in the day. But they also made some entry level stuff without Gretsch badging for 3rd party sellers. Even the entry level stuff was good though, "entry" level doesn't always mean crappy. They have been around since the early 1900s, maybe earlier. I have the coolest Gretsch Banjo from the 1930s. It was a novice type banjo, not really entry level, but not really the top shelf stuff either, and it is a really cool piece, and I am proud to own it. Brass hardware, etc.. Worth serious consideration for a vintage Gretsch.

04-19-2010, 01:29 PM
I love the sound of the Gretsch Ukulele.

I have two and both were in poor condition when I bought them but I had heard Rose Urtler play her Gretsch at a workshop and decided that I should try to get one.

The only place to find a Gretsch is the US so I started hunting ebay and other sites and eventually I was successful and have now bought two.

I took them both to Isaac Ware a fantastic luthier near Sydney Australia and now have some wonderful instruments to play.

I have strung one with worth brown medium and the other with orca low G strings they both have a real old time ukulele bark.

Uke Republic
04-20-2010, 05:12 AM
I heard a rumor that Gretsch has made some new prototype ukes.....not that I actually held one or played one (dramatic wink of one eye).

Yes this is true. I've seen one made a couple of years ago and was made of solid koa.