View Full Version : Celebrate Ukulele - Las Vegas

04-19-2010, 05:49 PM
Family Music Center and The Ukulele Club of Las Vegas are hosting the first ever "Celebrate Ukulele Las Vegas". This is an opportunity for you to get up and perform with your ukulele in a theatre setting, before an audience of ukulele enthusiasts. Whether it be a vocal solo, ensemble, or strictly instrumental, start practicing!! All performance levels are encouraged to participate and will be warmly received with enthusiastic appreciation. Bring your ukulele with you even if you do not plan to perform. There will be an opportunity to sing and play as a group. There are also ukuleles available at the store. Everyone is welcome. No charge!! Call 702-889-4202 for information. Mahalo.

Family Music Center
8125 W. Sahara (at Cimarron)
Las Vegas
Monday, June 14th, 6PM to 8PM