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05-08-2010, 07:44 AM
So. I have bad news.

Just 13 days after buying my new uke, I managed to drop my brand new uke on asphalt.
The uke is a concert sized Kala. Flame maple sides and back with a ceder top. The KA-FMC (http://www.kalaukulele.com/KA-FMC.htm).
I was playing on a park bench with a asphalt path in front. When I went to leave, I packed up my things and picked up my uke which I had nestled in it's case. I picked up the case, but I had neglected to close the latches. The top of the the case flew open and expunged the uke to tumble across the ground.
First the headstock. Yikes. Theres a big chunk missing right on the top. Also the tuning pegs are scuffed, but whatever, they're just plastic.
After bouncing off the headstock, the bottom of the sound box made contact, chipping at the varnish all along the edge. Then it flipped and did similar, though not as serious, damage on the other side.
There is also a small break in the varnish near the neck on the spruce top.
What most seriously worries me is the two straight line like cracks on the top. I can't tell if the damage is just to the varnish or to the wood as well. The two cracks are on either side of the bridge and parallel to the strings. They both touch the bridge and are visible on both sides. The one is about 3 inches long (including what isn't visible under the bridge) and the other is about half of that.
So I swore a lot and tried to compose myself. I took all the tension off the strings and set it in it's case. The guy who sold me and set up my uke is out of the country for two weeks.
So not only can I not play uke right now, I'm extremely worried that I messed up my uke completely. Not to mention that it's brand new.

So that's my story.

05-08-2010, 07:58 AM
Oh man, total bummer! Unfortunatly, I can't offer any advice as to the danger that your uke is in, but I do have similar cracks in my Kala Travel Tenor. It was in my chair and I accidentally leaned back on it (long story...) and put 2 cracks in the top. As you said, it is hard to tell (especially with the spruce) whether or not the cracks are in the gloss or in the wood as well. I think mine are just in the gloss. The difference is that mine are by the soundhole and not touching the bridge.

I'm sure someone here can privide you with some better feedback, maybe one of the local luthiers that frequent the site. You may have to wait until the begining of the week to get a decent response, the forums are usually a bit dead on the weekends.

Good luck. Hope things work out for the best!

05-08-2010, 09:00 AM
That's horrible! I have that exact same uke, and I fear what it would be like if that happened.
Best of luck getting it all patched up! I bet it still loves you though!

05-08-2010, 10:02 AM
That does suck. I am bad about not being sure my case is closed, so I am glad it has velcro straps to strap the Uke inside the case, which I do use all the time. that velcro strap has saved my Uke from taking a tumble more than I would like to admit.

Hopefully, it is only cosmetic, and will for now on be just a story for the Uke. If it is more serios, hopefullly can be fixed..