View Full Version : The gauntlet was dropped - Let's Never Stop Falling In Love

05-08-2010, 12:40 PM

1. Jodi (http://www.youtube.com/user/helloukulele) suggests I cover this song.

2. I realize I don't know this song, so go seeking it out on Grooveshark (http://bit.ly/9u1uqh) so I can hear it.

3. Find it, listen to it.

4. Spend a few minutes figuring out the chords.

5. Get grandiose ideas of "production value" ("Oh, I could do THIS and THIS, and add THIS.)

6. Immediately come down with a cold that takes away my voice for a solid two weeks, while all the while I'm chomping at the bit to record this song.

7. Voice comes back yesterday and I take on recording it.

8. 48 thousand takes later, I'm just getting irritated that I get to the last measure or so and screw up.

9. Finally get a take that doesn't make me sick.

10. Bring the video into my editing software only to realize that my lighting has made a good chroma key virtually impossible and that the best I can get is something with a little white halo around it.

11. Decide not to worry about it and add some random OTHER "ray" effect to maybe "cover" for the bad chroma key.

12. Completely abandon my production value ideas (multi tracks with percussion, etc.) and just post that darn thing.

Ta da.

This is a song from Pink Martini.

There is very little information I can find on the actual writers, and there were certainly no chord charts available so I had to take some creative license throughout this one - making up chords, and chopping out most of the entire instrumental section.

But even with all the compromises and frustrations, it was fun, and definitely one I'm adding to my permanent repertoire.

Thanks, Jodi, for the invitation to take this one on!