View Full Version : Excited to Start a New Band

05-08-2010, 06:19 PM
So, I used to write a lot of songs & perform them either on my own w/ a guitar, or as a duo w/ my brother, or with one of a number of bands I'd formed. But then I moved away from Portland for a year, for a job that didn't work out, & I kind of fell out of writing & performing.

I've been back in Portland for about 5 years now & I'm finally starting to write new songs at a decent rate. I'm getting really psyched on the idea of performing again. I think I may start out doing some solo stuff, but I'd really like to form a band again.

Of course, most of my bands in the past were more of the typical rock band type, w/ guitar, drumset, bass, maybe keyboard...now I want to form a more eclectic lineup, w/ me on uke, maybe a standup bass, an accordion, some hand percussion, but really whatever comes together & sounds good.

I'm not necessarily posting this in the hopes of finding interested musicians here, although, that'd be great if something works out--I'm just excited & I wanted to share.:D