View Full Version : Got me my second Uke and it's an Eleuke

The Gunrunner Rimbaud
05-08-2010, 11:25 PM
So, I'm nearly six months into my musical journey, and to celebrate the finishing of my first Uke class under Elgin Duarte, I decided to get a second Uke. Of course my musical tastes being what they are, I wanted something able to rock out on, so I got me a Tenor Eleuke and Vox Mini 5 Amp.

Heh, set up was a bit crazy. When I got home I realized the Eleuke had no instruction book, and the amp instruction book wasn't exactly geared towards absolute beginners. Took me about half an hour to figure out how to even get a sound out of the thing and tune it! Finally got it somewhere near working and busted out my old faithful, My Kala K-TEM Tenor for some sound testing. Electric is really different from Acoustic. I tried to get it a bit towards the acoustic sound for a baseline testing of sound difference, but decided it probably wasn't meant to do such a thing, so I went in the opposite direction and played "Son of a Gun" complete with fuzz and hum. Utter awesomesauce.

Next up tomorrow, figuring out how to get a cleaner sound out of the amp and uke and then figuring out how to make the G and A strings sound about even with the C and E strings, right now they're muted in comparison.

In another six months? May get a steel string electric or go in another direction entirely and get a lap steel guitar.

05-10-2010, 07:44 AM
congrats on the purchase of the eleuke. which one did you get?

i bought mine a little more than a week ago and it finally arrived on friday and i can't put it down!! i've played several eleukes and they're all good.