View Full Version : Which one sounds better?

05-09-2010, 07:18 AM


thanks :D

05-09-2010, 08:28 AM
I like the sound of the uke in the first link better. The second doesn't sound bad, but it doesn't sound as full to me. The second one does have a tone that seems it would lend itself well to ragtime songs. All this as perceived through my ears only.

jordan bello
05-09-2010, 08:39 AM
I agree, the second sounds less full.

05-09-2010, 02:47 PM
The second video is a Makala dolphin....excellent uke, for the price. Many would tell you that you can't beat it, FOR THE PRICE. I'm not sure what uke the first video is. It sounds fuller, as others have suggested, but how much does it cost? Are we comparing similarly priced instruments?