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05-10-2010, 12:43 AM
I just purchase a set of Baritone Aquila strings from Just Strings. ABGT was the part no http://www.juststrings.com/aqu-abgt.html. It says baritone Guitar tuning. I've bought 10 sets of Aquilia Baritones and never had a problem.

When I get them I go to install them and something doesn't look right. Aquilia labels them

DGBE 4321. The D string is thinner than the G string. The G string is a different material, looks like aluminum wound instead of the white color I am used to. So I pull out another pack of Aquilia Baritone bought a couple of months ago and the G string on the old pack looks like the D of the new pack. Then I notice the B of the new pack is quite thicker than the B of the old pack.

I tired to tune up but I was afraid to pull the bridge off. The B was that tight. The D was just plain sloppy. The pack appeared sealed and the back said Baritone like the many other sets I bought but they don't appear to be baritones.

Any ideas what a ABGT Baritone string set is? Do you all think it was a mislabel? I'm gonna try and get my money back.

05-10-2010, 01:37 AM
Could it possibly be a dGBE set instead of DGBE. The D string being thinner than the G string kind of indicates that.