View Full Version : Please help me fund my next album!

Ukulele Jim
05-11-2010, 07:25 AM
Hey there everybody.

I'm currently working on two new albums, one of which is my second pop album, and the other is my first album of children's music. All the songs have been written and most are recorded. Now I need to have the remaining songs mastered and get some CDs pressed.

This is where I need help. I've run out of money for both of these albums. I desperately want to finish them, I think they contain some of my best work to date. But I'm broke. :(

So here's what I'm asking of the UU community. I'm making my first album ("Ukulele Jim's Authentic Down Home Marital Aid") available for download for whatever price you want to pay. You can spend as little as $1 on the entire album, or if you're feeling generous you can donate more. Every purchase will go towards helping me finance the completion of the works I have in progress. Head over to http://ukulelejim.bandcamp.com to download it.

If you've already got my album, the Madeline EP is also available which has a couple of remixed tracks on it.

Anyone who wants to donate $20 or more will get a free copy of each of my albums when they're finished, plus my undying gratitude. A donation of $50 will also get a special thank you in the liner notes, and I'll send you copies of the Eisner Award nominated comic books & graphic novels I've written.

Any little bit helps and will be greatly appreciated! :)

Thanks, gang!