View Full Version : Gauges for steel string tenor uke?

05-14-2010, 01:07 AM
What gauge strings do you use for your tenor steel-string uke? I got a used one, but it needs restringing (the E is wound!). I prefer low G.
Risa says:
G = 0.011"
C = 0.017"
E = 0.013"
A = 0.010"
That's obviously high-G. Their baritone shows .026 for its G, so that should work. That seems to the the standard width for a Fender "Original Bullets" set. Hmmm. So off-the-shelf sets should work?

But Elderley says its Risas are strung .011, .015, .022 and .034 which is a somewhat thicker string.

Any comments or alternatives? Recommended sets to look for?

I got my Risa yesterday - it's the older model with one pickup. Needs a bit of fret dressing and it's a heavy sucker. I'll clean it up a bit when I restring it. But sounds good. Just had it less than a day and I already want another one, with dual pickups...