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06-01-2010, 05:30 AM

Uke Gently Weeps
06-01-2010, 12:41 PM
Fantastic. I need to work on my fingerpicking.

06-01-2010, 01:37 PM
Very nice. I to need FP practice.

06-02-2010, 02:46 AM
Excellent version of a great tune, nice picking too. Well done.

06-02-2010, 03:06 AM
Thanks so much for the nice comments. I appreciate it. Mike

06-02-2010, 05:30 AM
Nice picking- what uke are you playin?

06-02-2010, 08:29 AM
Nice picking- what uke are you playin?

Thanks - it is a Boulder Creek spruce top tenor. I mounted a GHS A137 unidirectional internal mic, designed for a guitar, actually, and ran it from inside the box outside of the side sounhole (the ukulele has a small soundhole on the upper left top and a larger one facing the player on the side) and aimed it at the small front soundhole. I love this ukulele - not very expensive, but sounds very good. Mike