View Full Version : Captain Kangaroo Contest

06-02-2010, 09:00 AM
Riding on the huge success of the Mr. Rogers' song contest. I'm tossing out another contest based on one of my heroes, Captain Kangaroo. First the prize, an unopened - still in plastic wrap, cassette tape of Captain Kangaroo tells the story of Finnerty Flynn. I paid 50 cents for this at the local Salvation Army Thrift store today and it is worth up to $30.00 to collectors, at least that is what Amazon is showing.... So, here's the contest: Sing a song that you can associate to Captain Kangaroo i.e. The Horse in Striped Pajamas, Knife, Fork and Spoon, Two Little Magic Words etc. If you explain the association to the 8th degree like Krabbers is very good at, you can almost associate any song with the Good Captain, but you've got to explain it.

Bob Keeshan was a classy guy so please be respectful, no poor taste songs or parodies. Post your video to this thread here on UU.

Deadline is Midnight July 17th.