View Full Version : Tahitian Ukelele, in Oak and Cedar

06-07-2010, 07:17 AM
http://www.imaxenes.com/mini/2010_2_uke_roble_cedro1wy3737.jpg (http://www.imaxenes.com/imagen/2010_2_uke_roble_cedro1wy3737.jpg.html)

Hello y sell Tahitian Ukelele in center of OAK (south Chile Oak) and Cedar on the sides.. Pine in the top. the reason what i sell is because i make Tahitian ukes in my workshop all the day, if you want i can make one in special woods customized.

this is he standard Model in U$250, the shipping to USA have 3 modes.. Fast (5 days, U$100), middle (10 work days, U$50), slow (15 work days, U$30)

include a simple Cap of gift, set of remplace Strings. the sound is in the video:


Victor Jofre
Chile-South America