View Full Version : not the typical string thread

Harold O.
06-29-2010, 08:30 AM
Our uke gathering gathered last Sunday. The group is growing and we have a lot of fun.

I usually bring two ukes and switch off between them for no reason beyond mixing it up. So I brought out my Ohana TK35G with Aquila strings. It's been my go-to uke for a year. I also brought my newly acquired KoAloha concert with whatever strings it came with in stock form. They are really soft and clear in color.

Here's what I noticed: the Ohana likes to be strummed hard while the KoAloha "complains" when strummed hard. Both instruments play reasonably loud and I enjoy them both. I also appreciate the differences in sound. But I had trouble switching back and forth between the two, largely due to the change in strumming pressure I was applying.

I wanted to play the KoAloha, but decided to play the Ohana instead because that was how my strumming fingers were calibrated that day. I guess next time around I will have to take string type into consideration when switching ukes in mid session. Good problem to have, no doubt.:cool: