View Full Version : Curly Concert - I think I may have UBS!

07-06-2010, 04:38 AM
Is there such thing as UBS? (ukulele building syndrome) I may be suffering from it! This is #4, a curly maple concert size. My first three were a 6 string tenor, a 4 string tenor, and a soprano, so I figured I might as well build a concert. I patterned the tenors and the soprano from two Kamaka's I had access to, but didn't have a concert to copy, so I just drew the tenor outline and sketched the smaller concert outline inside of it. Then faired up the curves and cut out a new template. I made the waist a little curvier.

Woods are: More of that curly maple from a tree I fell in Seattle about 15 years ago, koa fretboard and bridge, African blackwood nut and saddle. Like most woodturners, I was also a wood scavenger! Always on the lookout for downed trees, listening for the sound of chainsaws and then tracking them down, etc., so I still have a decent stash of wood laying around.

I'd like to put up video sound samples, but when I tried recording with my web cam or my digital video camera, the sound is terrible. Makes the uke sound like one of those plastic toys. Both cameras have just the little pinhole type mic and apparently don't record very high quality audio. I'm checking out microphones, and if I get something set up, I'll post some samples.

Now about the UBS... I guess the only solution is to find someone with UAS to cancel it out and restore balance to the force!

07-06-2010, 04:50 AM
This one looks really beautiful. Nice job!
Looking forward to hearing the samples.

07-06-2010, 06:36 AM
Wow, really beautiful work Alan - that maple is just amazing.

With so many other expenses, including microphones, we can't afford UAS right now, but I'm sure you'll find a buyer. But don't sell cheap, sell 'er for what she's worth or trade 'er for a mic, a good mic...

07-06-2010, 06:44 AM
Looks great Alan.
You brought back memories..... chasing the sound of a chain saw. :~)

07-08-2010, 07:54 AM
Sounds like a mild case of UBS....nothing to worry about.
What else would you do with wood that pretty??