View Full Version : Answer Sheet - Uku Got EP Live in Bedroom (Free Download)

07-07-2010, 05:26 AM
Hey guys,
just wanna share our latest and the first (and the worst,haha) EP called Uku got EP Live in Bedroom. Yeah i know some of them are covers,that's the reason why we wanna give it free. +Chords on each songs.


Track List
1. Hawaiian Intro
2. Coffee & TV (Blur Cover)
3. Summercat (Billie The Vision & The Dancers Cover)
4. A Girl from Kyoto
5. Lovers in Japan (Coldplay Cover)
6. The Pleasant Drink of United Ink
7. Terbang Tenggelam (Netral Cover)
8. Loic Commercial
(Bonus Track)

DOWNLOAD IT HERE (http://ogikloavailable.wordpress.com/download)