View Full Version : My Kala U-Bass...

07-10-2010, 10:18 PM
I got one of those for a few days now, the fretted spruce version.
I have recorded some pieces with it already:

Fever (just vocals and bass, recorded unplugged, this is how the bass sounds best!)


King of the Road (vocals, finger snipping, Excelsius Ukulele, Kala U-Bass plugged)


Bass-Riff (just a small riff plyed on the plugged bass)


I compared the Kala to my Ashbory (which also have the same black strings on it the Kala comes with, I never user the white strings that originally came with the Ashbory).
The Kala has way better tuners, and it sounds absolutely great unplugged (of course a bit silent).
The Ashbory offers WAY more frets (the Kala does not even have a cutaway to access some more frets), the Ashbory sounds way better plugged.

Since the Kala is just a Baritone ukulele with some special parts because of the very thick strings I think it is way overpriced. I wonder how long other companies will take to bring a similar product on the market...

It is not a bad instrument, I like it actually. But it should cost half of what it does now.

07-10-2010, 11:27 PM
fine playing. they both sound pretty groovy