View Full Version : Eleuke CC100-PHP vs. Lanikai CK-TEQ

07-14-2010, 12:55 PM
I am very new to playing the ukulele. That needs to be said.

I originally bought the Eleuke to be able to project the sound because obviously, the original uke I had wasn't loud enough. I also wanted to have fun with playing different voices from the Line6 Pocket Pod. And that is fun to get guitar sound from a small little cheap instrument like the Eleuke. Others outline the features of Eleuke (MP3, quiet practice with headphones, fun and cheap) in other threads.

Basically, it made learning chords fun because it is F.U.N. if you've never played strings before.

As I am playing a song for a weddng reception today (my wedding), I checked out the strumming on my amp and I didn't like it because it sounded "noisy" - not clean.

SO, I had seen a Lanikai CK-TEQ at a store and I had reviewed pickup options. Basically, where I live, there is not much options. THe pickups were a no go so it was buy the CK-TEQ or live with the Eleuke for the performance.

I test drove the Lanikai in the shop. This is my first tenor purchase - my other ukes are all concert size. The tenor is easier to play for the chords I plan to use. The amplified sound is much better than the Eleuke. Its much more expensive but this is going to be a lifelong memory so the money is not an issue. Its solid and looks good and sounds great. I fall in love with it and purchase it.

I get home and test drive the 2 side by side. The Acoustic sound from the CK-TEQ is so much better; but the electric rock sound from the Eleuke is addicting too. The Eleuke is solid body and I've never heard any feedback. I was starting to get feedback from the CK-TEQ when playing close to or in front of the Pignose Amp I was using.

The feedback is the only issue with the CK-TEQ; but that is managable. Both are fun. For best sound, I'd choose the Lanikai CK-TEQ. I'd put Eleuke on top of the list for fun and for travel purposes because of the MP3 feature - its somewhat indestrructible whereas I want to protect the nice look of the Lanikai. The Lanikai CK-TEQ is 3 times more expensive.

07-18-2010, 12:12 AM
The only thing I can ask: were you able to try out a Lanikai S-TEq or even an LU-21TE if money is an issue?

07-18-2010, 02:49 AM
No, but I really really like that CK-TEQ. I haven't even picked up the Eleuke since I purchased the Lanikai; but, I will use the Eleuke when I travel.

Are you saying the S-TEQ and LU-21TE are cheaper but maybe just as good in particular for the jack output?

When I have that CK-TEQ tuned and off the jack, it booms and sounds so good. And I'm enjoying the finger spacing more than my Concerts.