View Full Version : Tell me about your LoPrinzi

07-20-2010, 03:50 AM
Been looking at tons of ukes. I've see many impressive video clips on LoPrinzi and wonder how their owners feels about them, or people that have tried them out. They definitely seem like a deal as do MP ukes and Mya-Moe.

So, how do you like your LoPrinzi?

07-20-2010, 04:32 AM
I don't own a Lo Prinzi, so all my impressions are from playing a Lo Prinzo solid cherry soprano at uke meet-ups. They are impressively constructed and have beautiful tone. My only complaint with them (the sops I have played), is that they don't have a lot of volume, compared to other solid wood sops I have played.

07-20-2010, 06:21 AM
I've owned and played a number of LoPrinzi's and liked or loved them all except for one. I still own a soprano that's in my permamnent herd.

They have all had excellent volume with excellent dynamics and accessible tonal palettes, e.g., a range of tones were accessible with minimal technique and skill. LoPrinzi's tend to have a relatively low action and string tension.

I've only played concerts and sopranos, and I prefer the sopranos, but I tend to prefer sopranos anyway. I've played all mahogany, spruce and koa, and spruce and maple, and all cherry. The sopranos all had small bodies about the same size as a vintage Martin, except for the soprano I didn;t like which had a slightly larger body.

The soprano I didn't like was one of the new Model A cherry ukes. It just didn;t have that ringing tone I expect from a LoPrinzi, and the 3rd string especially just gave off a dead thunk. Probably just a lemon, but I was very disappointed. It was also, coincidentally, the only satin model LoPrinzi I ever played.

Anyway, the Loprinzi that's my keeper is a spruce and flamed maple soprano. Very strong voice with ringing tones, nice sustain and resonance, with lots of nice overtones - which is how I tend to like my ukes. It can also cut trhough other instruments easily so it doesn;t get lost in the crowd, so to speak. I have it strung in Aquila's with a low G (yes, there are sopranos that can take a low G very well indeed). I would characterize this uke as on the guitarish end of ukedom - the mahogany onestended to be more ukey. Porbably the spruce or maybe just some ukes are that way cuz that's the way they are...

Anyway, I highly recommend LoPrinzi's in spite of the cherry uke that I definitely did not like.

Now if only I could try a LoPrinzi soprnao with low G of spruce or cedar with rosewood back and sides...