View Full Version : Ian Chadwick's Vintage Disc

07-20-2010, 10:57 AM
WOW Today I received my DVD from Ian on his collection of Vintage music, and I am more than impressed, i am ecstatic. Ian, You have a zillion hours into this project and I am amazed you will let it all go for the measly 12.95. For any of you that haven't taken advantage of Ian's offer, you better do it soon before he raises the price to double or triple, and still worth it. I had been on his site and downloaded some of his offerings, but this DVD will blow you away. As to his apology for the other day, we definitely understood where you were coming from and in the family of Ukers, that would be the place to vent your frustration, not to your wife and kids who just 'wouldn't understand". :) :) Anyway, thank you Ian for a wonderful dedicated "keep it alive" vintage collection!!!! Lozark (Sorry if this seems like Spam, but Ian has done such a wonderful job of preserving a heritage of Vintage music, he deserves recognition!)