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07-26-2010, 09:27 PM

A beginners comparison for people looking for basic plug in models.

Seeing if there is much interest in a comparison.

Lanikai Acoustic CK-TEQ was used on the Pignose amplifier only at my wedding. I bought it because I wanted an amplified acoustic sound. I had not put it on Line6 Pod yet for fear of feedback. Sounds great whether plugged in to the pignose or not. WHen I positioned the Lankikai slightly ahead of the pignose, I got some feedback starting to well up. Somebody in another thread was claiming to have a thumping sound from the pickup with the CK-TEQ plugged in. I did not notice that yet; but, maybe I was lucky with my setup before or maybe I wasn't hearing it because I don't know what it sounds like. I'm gonna try and replicate the thumping on the pickup.

Pono MS-E . I bought this recently because I could not do the blues fingering on the tenor Lanikai or the concert Eleuke that MusicTeacher2010 was demonstrating ; so, why not get a soprano to see if this helps. haha. And since I want to play the blues, I need a pickup to modify the tone. THat's why I chose the Pono over a Mainland Red Cedar soprano and a KoAlau sopranino (which I loved) I have yet to use the pickup but I like this uke even not plugged in. I don't know what the strings are but I like them.

The Eleuke does not sound acoustic - obviously; but, it is fun because its great to be fearless about feedback. Line6 Pod can get nasty feedback because the settings are not standard and some of that distortion will kill your ears as you change settings. Once you are careful when changing settings, It is pure FUN.

Today, I played the Eleuke to try out the Line6 Pod setups. I played a chord version for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. 1 hour's worth and I still wanted to play more. Stevie Ray Vaughn would have been proud. I thought I was going to be ditching the Eleuke because of the acoustics I am buying; but, there is a place for the Eleuke. And that place is FUN. The kind of sounds I was getting was entertaining. My girlfriend just sat there while I played. SHe knew I was in my mancave. And she finally understands why I buy these dang toys.

mm stan
07-26-2010, 10:17 PM
Aloha SuzukHammer,
That's a mighty impressive arsenal you have there...thanks for sharing!!
MM Stan.. No matter what ukulele you play....it's all fun!!!

07-27-2010, 05:24 PM
So I am thinking (just thinking) of submitting a video for the eleuke contest of rock and roll. WHy? Because THe eleuke is pretty much a rock and roll ukulele.

No Fear.

As you can see, I "decorated it" and there is NO Fear because there is no change to the tone because it is solid body.

The eleuke can "bang around" hitting walls and all that good stuff.

Its quiet -deafeninglyquiet unlplugged.

Plug it in though - use headphones or use an amp.

I use that Line6 Pocket Pod with all the different guitar settings and it instantly turns into an hour later because I keep trying to find those fun riff runs with phasor and echos and delays (of course reverb and treble/bass setpoints too).

As a listener or rock and a self taught learner of harmonica blues, its seems easy to come up with a working strum on the eleuke.

I attempted to learn Train in Vain last night. I'm not good enough yet. Scratch that idea. So I decided if Stevie Ray Vaughn could sing Mary Had a Little Lamb, perhaps I could do a standard kids classic with a rock and roll voicing on eleuke. For fun. SO I practiced some songs then I started improvising the blues scale to some great song settings. Fun. Fun. Fun. I have to try and see if I can maintain that ukulele chord sound with the electric voicing. We'll see if I am successful.

I have yet to plug in the other acoustics solely because the eleuke is NO FEAR for the plug in.