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Ahnko Honu
07-31-2010, 10:02 PM
Just wanted to share some pictures from the UGH ("Ukulele Guild of Hawai'i) 2010 Show at the Neal Blaisdell Center in Honolulu this Friday & Saturday. MGM Was their but poor guy was really feeling under the weather so I didn't have the heart to post his picture here. Allot of nice 'ukuleles on display by many of Hawai'i's premier builders. The was also a collectors show right next door so double whammy, they had ALLOT of used 'ukuleles as very decent prices like soprano Koa amakas and G-Strings for under $300, saw a couple nice tenor Kamakas too for $500. There was a lovely unlabeled Koa tenor which sounded great for $250 or offer. Good thing I was broke and could only afford a tee shirt. Got to talk story with Joe Souza of Kanile'a who had awesome news (tenor pineapple coming up)!
Also got to talk story with Emil Bader, such an awesome guy. Live music was also great. 4 hours flew by like nothing. Can't wait for next show.

Joe Souza, and Uncle Kimo Hussey performing live

Kanile'a 50th State collector edition 'ukulele

Uncle Emil Bader and his 'ukuleles

Couple of Emil Bader Koa 'ukuleles

Ahnko Honu
07-31-2010, 10:07 PM
Pahu Kani

An awesome Ana'ole soprano 'ukulele

Awesome archtop by John Ravary bda 'Ukuleles by Kolaka

R&L Koa natural sound hole

Ahnko Honu
07-31-2010, 10:18 PM
A couple aluminum 'ukuleles by Steve Sydow of Casanova Custom 'Ukuleles

MGM's beautiful Compass Rose

MGM's 1891 Jose De Espirito Santo "Machete"

Just one of racks of 'ukuleles at the Collector's Show next door

Ronnie Aloha
07-31-2010, 10:27 PM
Awesome! I might have to go back for it next year.

mm stan
07-31-2010, 11:01 PM
Mahalo Plenty Ahnko Honu,
Awesome pic's thanks for sharing..I gotta try and make next year!! I know they were more ukes, did any one maker or uke
catch your eye??? MM Stan....

08-01-2010, 12:47 AM
Thanks for the great pics Ahnko. That Kanilea tenor pineapple sounds fantasic. Have to keep an eye on their website for those. Looks like the both of us have to start saving our pennies.

08-01-2010, 05:07 AM
The archtop is nice!!!! Also, what's the yellow uke case that is on one of the pics??

08-01-2010, 05:38 AM
Thank you, very, very, VERY awesome!

Chris Tarman
08-01-2010, 05:43 AM
That "Natural Soundhole" uke is crazy!

08-01-2010, 06:01 AM
Thanks so much for the photos, I'm eager to see what the Kanile'a tenor pineapple looks like. I do wish that they had the show closer to the Ukulele Festival, so it didn't take two separate trips for us mainlanders to enjoy both festivities.

08-01-2010, 07:27 AM
That "Natural Soundhole" uke is crazy!

It's nice to see the "Coochalele" is still receiving ooh's and ahh's! :p

08-01-2010, 07:37 AM
It's nice to see the "Coochalele" is still receiving ooh's and ahh's! :p

Tell me about it. And having personally had dealings with the luthiers, they are really great people who make a spectacular looking and sounding ukulele.
Thanks for posting these pics again Ahnko. They are really great to see.