View Full Version : Nice Ukulele for sale in Seattle/Shoreline Thrift Store

08-08-2010, 08:28 AM
Seeing that I just bought a KoAloha Tenor, I'm definitely not in the market for another ukulele. However, up a little north of the Seattle city limits in Shoreline, is Deseret Industries--one of the many thrift stores in the Northend. At this very moment is a Mele Ukulele standard ukulele going for around $175.

This is a cedar top, rosewood back and sides uke. Though Mele is a Hawaiian company, this one was built or assembled in Mexico. Nonetheless, these are some nice tone woods here. The $175 asking price is marked well down from the original MSRP price, which I think was around $300, though I could be wrong in my recollection. The neck looks straight and true and the string action acceptable. This one comes with a soft case and some literature about the uke.

Deseret Industries is located just south and on the same side of Aurora Ave. North as the Fred Meyer on 185th. It's next door to the skating rink/dance studio. Head to the back of the store to the glass display case.

Good Luck!
--Dave E.