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08-14-2010, 01:57 PM
As the title says, Kimo Hussey and Lil' Rev came to Michigan this past weekend.

Thursday night was Lil' Rev's workshop on novelty songs. Now, even though I don't sing and I'm not a huge fan of novelty songs, I found this to be really helpful and fun. He went over techniques to add some fun and entertainment to strumming. He went over the figure 8, zig-zag and sort of touched on triplets and temolos. He also showed us the ukulele flip and the shake to add effect to the end of a song. The thing I found most helpful was the slide into chord technique he went over and the rock and roll hammering onto an add9 while strumming. When all was said and done he gaves us a show for a little over an hour(which I enjoyed).

I also had the privilege of attending a much more private lesson with Kimo Hussey and 6 other people on Friday afternoon. When we first arrived at Gary's (a member of the friendly Lansing group) house, Kimo asked each of us "What do you like about the Ukulele?". To which I replied, "everything... the way if makes people smile, the sound and the Island culture it represents".He then asked us what we would like to focus on and we went from there.

We decided on:
1. Right hand techniques
2. Left hand chord positions
3. some theory
4. Playing the melody within the chords

He showed us his favorite triplet strum and how to add dynamics and emotion with your right hand. With the left hand, he touched on holding down all 4 strings and being able to move those chords anywhere and in any key. Kimo also made us listen for chord changes.

We stayed with kimo for about 2 1/2 hours, then he had to get ready for his free concert at Elderly at 5pm and then at the Lansing Jazz Fest later that night.

He also had another workshop at Elderly this morning at 10am. I couldn't attend because I ended up going back to Dearborn last night after longboarding around MSU with my friend and didn't feel like making the hour and a half drive again this morning.

I won't bore you with a ton of details but it was a great experience between the both of them.

If either Kimo, or Lil' Rev come to your area, don't hesitate to attend a workshop or concert.

A little blurry

Really happy to see this wall. They moved all the ukes out of the corner. They also had a couple brand new, July produced, Kamaka's, as well as a bunch of Kanilea's and some custom Luthier made ukes hanging from the KALA tree.

A better picture of Kimo's concert.

Harold O.
08-14-2010, 06:10 PM
I drool in your general direction!:drool: