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08-26-2010, 10:34 PM
Hello, I am in the Sandy area and I am wanting to get a group together and start having jam sessions on the ukulele. I have spoken with Arashi_Nero and he would also like to get together. If you are interested please let me know. I am not trying to disband any other uke groups in Utah. I am just burning to have more meetings. Please also let me know of available times and where you live so I can try and triangulate a median for us to assemble. Fair is fair. If there are dates that some can make that others cannot we maybe able to have multiple meetings in the same week. So far the meeting median is possibly point of the mountain area. I'll try and get on facebook and see if I can get anyone else interested as well. Thanks, Octopus Ike

08-27-2010, 03:52 AM
yeah, i'm in orem. i'm sure you got that already. but meeting to play would be awesome. i keep wanting to go to the monthly UUA meetings, but they always have it on saturdays i can't go for some reason. it'll be nice to meet up with other ukers in utah!! i know down here, at least, there's a weekly uke club at byu during the regular school year. if anyone is interested in that, too, let me know.

08-31-2010, 12:55 PM
Bump. arashi_nero and I are aiming to have a meeting pretty soon and I am checking with some friends. Please let us know asap if you are wanting to attend. Thanks

09-11-2010, 12:36 AM
The Utah Ukulele Association will be having a meeting in two weeks from today. We'd all love to have you come and Jam!!! More information is posted here. http://www.utahukuleles.com/

09-11-2010, 04:16 AM
It's the 25th, ain't it? That's next week.

Phhhttt!!! Nope. My bad. You're right. 25th. Week after next.:wtf:

09-11-2010, 09:41 AM
Ha ha, I did the same thing. I was so happy and was thinking "Yes, next weekend!". Then I checked the calender. It was like a slap to the face. Ha ha ha

09-11-2010, 09:48 AM
I just realized that I am going to be camping next weekend so I am happy about the meeting being in two weeks.

09-13-2010, 03:45 AM
haha, so it was the UUA meeting you were talking about. i've been wanting to go to one of their meetings. i'll do what i can to make it up there. i may actually be moving to el paso in the next month, so i really do need to make it a point to get up there.

09-22-2010, 08:39 AM
Bump- Meeting on the 25th at Sprague library. Starts at 10 am. Hope to see you there.

09-23-2010, 06:37 AM
yeah, i'm promoting the meeting, but unfortunately i won't be able to make it. i got a job offer in el paso the end of last week and i'm heading out tomorrow to look at houses. all this time i've wanted to go to the utah ukulele meetings and haven't been able to, now i'm moving and won't be able to. i just hope there is at least a little of a uke scene in el paso.

09-24-2010, 05:46 PM
Bump. Final reminder for the meeting on the 25th. Saturday, Sprague Library at 10 AM. Good luck with everything Jason. Texas is huge so I think you have a good shot at a uke group there. If your coming back or visiting you got my number and I am dying to have a jam.

10-18-2010, 03:07 PM
New ukulele meeting at Sprauge Library this Saturday 10/24/2010. Starts at 10am indoors. More info at http://www.utahukuleles.com/ (http://www.utahukuleles.com/)

(http://www.utahukuleles.com/)I am not sure if I am able to make it to this one as I work an evening shift, but I will try and it's always a blast. Hope to see you there!