View Full Version : WTT: TrAde Ohana Long Neck soprano - SK30L for CK70 RB (Plasic backed Ohana concert)

09-02-2010, 05:02 AM
I would love to trade someone for a CK70 - RB if anyone is interested. The Ohana long neck soprano I have is in perfect shape and is a great instrument(I still have 14 others!) but I don't want to buy another Uke and it would be easier to trade for a RB. Haven't played one just want to try one and compare to the flea and fluke. If interested, let me know. The Long Neck is a very cool uke but I have many cool ukes and need to put one out if I bring one it. I can get pictures but I may end up emailing directly to you as I have a lot of problems with posting them here.