View Full Version : Ukers from Poland, please take a look here ;)

09-16-2010, 09:14 AM
We have started a Polish Ukulele facebook group just a few months ago, we have already met twice with just a few of us, and we're having a next meeting in Poznań, on October 8th-10th. This time, more than fifty people signed in, and apparently it will be a first serious ukulele event in Poland. We do hope it will mark the birth of a small, but vibrant and growing community of polish ukers. If you can make it, please try to come. Of course, foreigners are welcome too.

I'm posting here, because there surely are ukers who are not on facebook, or haven't found our group there, and this is surely the best place on the internet to find them. So, if you're reading this, come and join us ;)