View Full Version : FS Mainland Concert Mahogany <SOLD>

09-17-2010, 03:53 PM
I am selling my sweet little Mainland Concert Mahogany gloss. I just had the frets dressed and the action set at a perfect height by a pro. I'm selling it because we have a baby on the way and I'm downsizing my collection and to fund a resonator purchase in the near future.

I originally picked this up at the Mainland shop when I drove through IN in January. It is currently strung with Worth clears that are still stretching since they were strung when I had it worked on. I have switched out the plastic (bone) saddle with an ebony one and will include the bone saddle if you want to switch back. I will include the tweed case in the price. The uke has been kept very well (humidified and wiped down with micro-fiber cloth after just about every playing session).

There is one issue with the finish and you can hardly see it when looking at the uke. I tried to photograph it, but it didn't really come out. On the corner above the sound-hole, there are a couple surface scratches that could probably be worked out if someone knew how to do that. Also, I got the case from Mainland as a second because it was missing 2 rivets that don't affect the usefulness of the case.



09-17-2010, 03:57 PM
Ooooh, this is gonna sell really quick.

09-17-2010, 08:08 PM
Yes, I have a Mainland mahogany concert with slotted headstock and passive pickup, and I think it's terrific.

09-18-2010, 07:24 AM
Uke has been Sold. Thanks for looking.