View Full Version : Anyone ever use a Boss Super Octave OC-3 pedal

09-22-2010, 03:29 AM
I tried my ukulele with a Boss Super Octave OC-3 pedal, which adds an octave or two below your strings and has a polyphonic mode for use with chord playing and strumming. I have not purchased one, just tried it out at my local Guitar Center.
It took a while but I found I could add some subtle bass effect to my ukulele and get a sound below middle C with my preferred high G setup. Set up is tricky, and the knob settings matter a great deal. I was wondering if anyone else had used one of these with their ukulele? It's kind of a porchboard effect, really, but with actual tones. Can't really afford one now, but it would make a nice addition, especially when playing solo to get a little low end. I also sampled some Chrous and Phase Shifter pedals while there and if I had money, I think I would have walked out of there with four or five pedals.


09-22-2010, 06:35 AM
I've used this pedal with both an electric solid body guitar and also with a steel string Risa electric tenor uke. Octave pedals are tricky to use because they don;t track theat well when you're playing fast, but the effect will also suddenly drop out if you sustain a note too long. Even the OC-3's "polyphonic" mode doesn;t work that great for playing multiple notes - though it's generally pretty good with 2 string power chords because the range of notes being played is limited. In the polyphonic mode, the high notes don;t get the same strength of effect as your lower notes do so it's pretty unbalanced if you're doing a 3 or 4 string chord, but maybe that's the effect you want. I have to say that the OC-3 is better than any other octave pedal I've used, but it's not a fantastic performer and it's not a must-have for me. I find the chorus, reverb, and delay pedals much more useful, and of course, a good distortion pedal.

But I have no idea how it would behave with a nylon string electric uke - not a clue.

You also need to be careful of ocatve pedals because they can blow out your amp if you're using high volumes - guitar/uke amps are NOT made for heavy bass notes.

You might also want to check out digitech pedals too. They're a little cheaper, have a little different tone and abilities, and they're built like a tank. Boss and Digitech are excellent pedals. I'm sure that's sacrilege to a lot of Boss fanatics, but I prefer Digitech's chorus and digiverb pedals to the Boss equivalents.

If you want a decent chorus pedal for cheap cheap cheap, check out the $15 Danelectro FAB chorus pedal - plastic and light weight, but it's really a decent pedal for $15!!!!!!! It will last well if you don;t throw it against the wall or something.

Their FAB distortion pedals are great too. But for delay and reverb, go for Boss or Digitech or some other high-end pedal. If you're gonna get an octave pedal, there is no good alternative to the Boss OC-3 - it's the best there is, but still lacking for me...


09-23-2010, 04:15 AM
Thanks so much for the input - I'll have to check out that $15 chorus pedal. I was kind of noticing that at it's lowest setting, the OC-3 only tracks the C and the E strings, but in a way it is kind of what I want. I also love the sound I get when I used it in single-note mode - it kind of has a Chcik Corea type sound going, or something, so it could be fun for multi-track projects. Thanks so much for the input. If I ever get one and do anything with it, I'll post the results. Mike