View Full Version : Roland Mobile Cube amp perfect for the uke!

10-15-2010, 04:25 PM
I just received a Roland Mobile Cube amp today and it works great with my electrified Kala thinline tenor. (The uke already sounds incredible, even unamplified). It's very small, runs on batteries, and can be pretty much carted around very easily. It's stereo, and you can hook up a keyboard, guitar, microphone, etc. You can even get a lightweight case that goes with it (I did). It's not going to compete sonically with the larger, more expensive acoustic amps that are designed to complement an acoustic-electric instrument. But it's great for practice. YOu can even hook up a CD or ipod and work out solos to background strumming or you can play along to pre-recorded tracks. Very fun. There's basic fx like reverb, delay, chorus, which are decent. Just be careful when you switch the dial around - I accidentally put it on "distortion" and got an unpleasant squealing. :uhoh:

I don't play out so I can't comment on that but it's probably too small for anything other than a small room of quiet listeners. I'm taking it over to a family gathering this weekend and will report back. It will be interesting - my mother talks constantly, even while I am playing...:mad:

Here's where I got it. This company was great to work with - very responsive to my email questions and they even honored a 10% off coupon from Guitar Center after the sale was completed!

Edited to add: I also got 2-day priority shipping for free. Ordered on Wednesday and arrived today.

10-15-2010, 04:54 PM
This is the same amp that my instructor has. He loves it. I just got an acoustic electric and am looking at amps for down the road as well.
Thanks for sharing the link!