View Full Version : TRADE : G-String baritone for comparable tenor.

10-15-2010, 07:12 PM
1670616707167081671116710I have a beautiful G String baritone that I purchased two months ago that I would like to trade for a tenor of similar quality. Something like a compass rose or a Collings. I'm new to ukes, and ordered the baritone thinking it would be fun to have something different in addition to my KoaLoha tenor, but being completely new to music, I think it's better for me to stick with ukes that are tuned the same. I love my Koaloha, but don't want to duplicate it, I'd like a tenor with different qualities, so I have some variation between the tenors. Being new to this site and selling probably raises a red flag, so I'm including a link to my web site, my Chocolate store info, and my ebay name, I've also photographed the uke in front of one of my sculptures that is also on my website. Website: www.reichert-studios.com. Facebook page for my chocolate store: "chocolate chisel". Ebay name:livetosculpt. Both of my businesses are brick and mortar, not web based.1670616707167081670916710