View Full Version : Fret wear - anyone else have it?

10-17-2010, 06:28 AM
I have two ukes from two different makers. One uke is one year old, and the other is about 9 months. Both are showing some very very minor wear on the first five frets. I play these ukes a lot, and I strum and play on frets 1-7 almost exclusively. I mostly play in one of three keys so certain frets get pounded. I use Worth Clears on both ukes.

I know fret wear happens, but I am surprised that these strings are causing wear on the frets so quickly. They aren't wound or metal strings.

This is not a product bashing thread. I love my ukes and think they are quality products. But I am wondering what other uke owners are seeing with their ukes. What type of fret wear are you all seeing on your uke, and after how long?

Is there a price point, or are there brands, where the frets are made of harder metals and will last 10-20 years?

Where does one go to get a uke re-fretted?

Noticing this was sort of an eye opener to how much use my ukes get.