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10-24-2010, 01:12 PM
I've almost bid on this "Gibson" uke on ebay:


But... if you look at the photo that shows the headstock; "The Gibson" logo looks like it was put on with a white marker rather than the real thing?? IF it is real, it seems like it could be a "Style 2", but I've not found any of "The Gibson" labeled ukes that have the same ivory binding nor any where the logo is so low on the headstock (notice how its almost touching the tuners?) OR apparently hand-written? It certainly is in really good shape if it is as old as "The Gibson" logo would indicate.

Perhaps it is really an old Gibson, & maybe I'm missing the deal of a lifetime, but... it just looks wierd.

(Title should read: "Real or Counterfeit" - "I before E ..." :)

10-24-2010, 07:49 PM
I'm not going to say it's absolutely not counterfeit, but the uke looks very vintage. Wood, tuners, headstock shape, ebony nut and saddle, fret wire all looks early. Fingerboard looks very dry.

Remember Google is your friend. Found on a Gibson site (http://home.provide.net/~cfh/gibson.html):

"Peghead Logos

Pre-war Gibson script logo used before 1948. No letters drops below the other letters.

Pre-war Script Gibson logo, Pearl or White.
o "The Gibson" slanted or straight (depends on model): 1908-1929.
o "The Gibson" straight: 1933-1934.
o "Gibson" logo transition (without "The"), varies by model: 1928-1934.
o Pearl inlaid, high-end models: 1933-1948
o White silkscreen, low-end models: 1928-1943.
o Thicker "Gibson" on Super 400 and other high-end models: mid 1930's.
o Thicker "Gibson" all models: late 1930's. "

It very much looks silkscreened to me. The only thing that bothers me is that the string slots on the bridge are messed up, like someone put big knot steel strings on it and played it for 5 minutes and they pulled through. The other thing is that the binding is so white and clean, after the slots were ruined maybe it was put away for 60-70 years.

Maybe I'll toss a bid in for that price! That's why no one else answered, they are all set to sharpshoot it. ;)

mm stan
10-24-2010, 08:29 PM
Aloha Gmoney,
Awesome condition, may have be refinished...so white bindings..looks like bridge slots was crudely widened...
I'm sure the last day tomorrow it''ll shoot up at least double...real good buy!!! MM Stan...