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10-26-2010, 09:02 AM
I am new here, looking for info on the possibilities regarding using wood I am acquiring from a famous tree amongst guitar luthiers/players called "The Tree." It is a single large Mahogany felled in Honduras in 1971 which has very unique quilting and tortoise shell figuring as well as, at least for guitars, very highly regarded tone properties (more towards rosewood as opposed to most Mahogany). Some quick links about it below.


I am not a luthier, but ended up stumbling into the potential of buying some of the last boards from an old cabinetmaker who I am doing other business with. He can authenticate it as being the real deal for me. The sizes of the three boards I'm getting leave some extra wood too small for guitars, but perfect for ukes (soprano or concert sized). The luthiers who I am talking to (one who is going to inspect it before I buy it) don't have much experience with ukes.

What I am wondering is the following. Have there been any ukes made from this tree's wood? If so does anybody out there know who built them, their value etc... Last, does anyone have any ideas as a realistic price for such sets? The going rate for guitar back/side sets is now up to as high as $5000 by one luthier (generally $3-4K elsewhere). I can either make up three sets with a tortoise shell top and quilted back and sides OR three sets of back/sides only plus one top/back/side. I'm not sure which ends up being worth more. I do not want to use this rare wood simply to make a quick buck but want it used with appropriate reverence too (if that doesn't sound too over the top) so I'm willing to "do it right" even if I don't end up making quite as much, but I'd least like to know my options. thanks

Pete Howlett
10-26-2010, 09:31 AM
Figure is too big for ukulele IMHO

10-26-2010, 04:42 PM
I have a beautiful Black Bear concert made from some very quilty mahogany--bookmatched with the most striking ripples prominently placed, and it looks and sounds great. I don't know what "tree" it came from, but it looks cool. I will try and snap a decent photo to share in a bit.

Here are the pics of my quilted mahogany Black Bear...awesome uke!