View Full Version : Any Flea (Camp design) Owners in Los Angeles?

11-01-2010, 10:13 AM
Hi All

I am was hoping to photograph a Flea (Camp design) this week to add to the new Ukulele Calendar I am working on. I would love to get a shot of a Camp Flea.. maybe sitting on a rock near a stream, or out in the woods... something along those lines, and wondered if any of you have one I could borrow for a day or two? I am in the Los Angeles area, so if you're local, let me know. Your Uke could be famous!

If you have another Fluke or Flea design that might be a good photographic subject (the themed ones are the most fun), let me know what you have. Maybe I can think of a good setting for a photo.

Many thanks,

11-02-2010, 07:14 AM
Well, I have ordered a Camp Flea, and it will be traveling across the country to me. I always wanted one, and now is a good excuse to get it. The Ukulele Calendar will be finished as soon as I can get the Camp Flea photographed, so if you are shopping for 2011 calendars, wait another week and a half, and it should be finished and ready to purchase on CafePress (hopefully Nov 13th). Proceeds will benefit Ukuleles For Kids – http://www.californiaukulelefestival.com/ukulelesforkids/about.php