View Full Version : Cable ready Iceman

Anton K
11-08-2010, 08:06 AM
As I posted earlier, I recently got the Ibanez Iceman Ukulele. Just the sight of it demands it be electrified. I chose the Dean Markley under saddle pickup. 80 bucks.


I have been waiting with baited breath for this to arrive. When it did arrive the girl that usually works on my instruments was closed and I had waited enuff. So I installed it myself. It was a bit tricky.

Good news the Iceman Uke has a bone saddle and nut. Bad news they are attached with some light to moderate glue. You have to use a hair dryer set on high and needle nose pliers to gently remove them....not bad just a careful process. As long as you keep a gentle tension on the bone as the hair dryer heats you are fine. Sounds more complicted than it is.

Always remove the nut when you remove the saddle. You need to set both to get the right intonation. On the Iceman uke you need to drill at just a hair above the ridge at the bottom of the bridge, and about an inch and a half above the lower round of the side to set the endplug.

Here is the tricky and tedious part, restring your 3rd string (the "C" string") bring it to tune, in it's open tuning....patiently make sure it is tuned and fully stretched. Once it is tuned then check to make sure it rings as a "c" on the 12th fret. Lightly sanding the saddle till it does. When it rings open and on the 12th, level the whole uke and use a carpenters line level to make sure both the saddle and nut are level, once done...it is safe to restring and tune the instrument... plug the bad boy in and rock out!