View Full Version : checking interest - Stagg gold tweed soprano case

11-09-2010, 08:47 AM
Hey all. I've got one of these cases (http://www.dnmusic.net/store/shop.php/stagg-musical-instruments-and-accessories/stagg-gcx-uks-gd-gold-tweed-deluxe-case-for-soprano-ukulele/p_1407.html) that has been sitting around empty and unused for months now - it's a cool looking case but the only uke I have that fits in it is my Ohana, and that one spends most of its time in a gig bag. This definitely won't fit a Koaloha or Kamaka soprano (or probably a soprano with a strap button or pickup installed). From the manufacturer's site - internal dimensions are: (LxWxD): 54 x 16 x 6 cm / 21.26 x 6.3 x 2.36 in.

I've got a feeling that shipping on this thing would cost more than it's worth, but thought I'd put this out there in case anybody is interested. Retail on these looks to be around $40 + shipping. I paid $60 + shipping for the case some time ago, and only used it for a short time. I'd take $40 including shipping (US only - overseas shipping is so expensive that this wouldn't be worth it).

PM me if you want to make it worth my while to ship. Or if you're in the Los Angeles area and are interested, I'd take $25 for the case if you came to pick it up.