View Full Version : New (& Old) Uke Day!

11-12-2010, 02:48 PM

Brand spankin' new Koaloha longneck soprano from MGM. Bad picture, doesn't do it justice. It's light, beautiful, and sounds great! I'm almost afraid to play it.

And, because I haven't ever mentioned any of my other aquisitions in the 2.5 months since I've started, here they are:


Although, the Travel Tenor is finding a new home, as I'm using it to infect a friend with UAS....and I somehow seem to have left out my Anuenue longneck soprano. So just squint and imagine one is the other. :)

mm stan
11-12-2010, 02:54 PM
Aloha Chap,
Congrats on the new aquisition of the Ko Aloha soprano...and thanks for sharing the pic of your nice collection....Have fun and Enjoy!!! Happy Strummings!! MM Stan..

11-12-2010, 05:58 PM
Yeah nice one. That soprano looks sweeyt.

Hippie Dribble
11-12-2010, 06:16 PM
oooooh Chap, that's gorgeous!!!! Nice collection you've got going there...:)

11-13-2010, 08:07 AM
I love the sound of my regular KoAloha soprano but I like the concert neck on yours. Having more frets can be useful for some music. Very nice!

11-13-2010, 10:03 AM
Well, it's not so much the extra frets for me, I'm hardly using more than the first four yet. :P I just find the longer neck and the extra room between frets to be easier on my hands.