View Full Version : Save 50% off my new CD HUCKSTER!!

Manitoba Hal
11-17-2010, 09:32 AM

Hey there Ukulele Underground users! You've all been very supportive of me over the past year and I wanted to thank you by offering a special discount on my latest CD HUCKSTER. The CD features 10 solo "live-off-the-floor" blues tunes and is a sonic treat. The recording is selling for $10/download but for the Ukulele Underground you can get it for 50% off that amount. That's right $5!!

All you need to do is visit http://manitobahal.bandcamp.com/album/huckster?permalink and select the "BUY NOW" option under downloads and when the transaction screen comes up enter the discount code "ukuleleunderground".

You can audition the recording there before you buy too so have no fear. Thanks and we'll see you around the forum! :cool: