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11-19-2010, 02:40 AM
Another of my vices has always been model railroading, and on another forum I frequent supporting that hobby, I started a thread that turned out hugely popular, so I wanted to start a similar one here on the same subject of Childhood Christmas memories (or adult what ever the case).

Share any Christmas stories you may have that contributed to where you are today with Music, better yet, your Uke today.

Even tho I don't have a specific Christmas memory concerning the Uke directly, mine still plays a huge part of my musical journey that ultimatly brought me where I am today with my Uke. So I will start.

It was Christmas early/mid 1970s. Just like any young boy growing up with Led Zepplin, Peter Frampton, Eric Clapton, and more, I wanted to grow up and be a Rock Star. I was about 13 and begged Mom and Dad for a guitar. I showed Mom and Dad all the Sears, Speigel catalogs I could find that had the coolest Orange Sunburst finish Strat. They never paid much attention to me, and just told me to forget it, because they didn't want to put up with all that noise. I was devastated. My dreams of Rock Stardom had been squashed. Christmas morning came, and I knew I would love Christmas, Mom and Dad always made sure us kids had a good Christmas. It was always important to them. But, I was still sad I wasn't going to be a Rock Star.

I came out to the tree Christmas morning, following my baby sister, enjoying her squeals as she tore open her Easy Bake oven, Close & Play record player etc. I saw the coolest Crossman 760 pellet gun I had wanted leaning against the wall. That was cool. I was gonna have fun with that. Poking around under the tree digging for treasure, I see it. Behind the tree an orange sunburst glow. It was it. the most awesome site. it was the Orange starburst strat (clone, but it didn't matter) of my dreams. I damn near knocked the tree down getting to it. man, did I make some noise that day, and for days to come. By the end of Christmas day, my Mom nursed my blistered finger tips as they bled. She told scolded me and told me to cool it while their ears and my fingers healed some. Anyway, that started my musical quest, even tho I switched to the Bass a couple years later, but bounced from guitar to bass over and back many times over the years. That journey is credited for me turning to the Uke many years later in mid life.

11-20-2010, 02:56 AM
Wow.. No one has any Musical Christmas memories? No Christmas Ukes, or guitars as kids? Or adults even..?

11-20-2010, 05:12 AM
A holiday music memory - When I was a senior in high school I had played the tuba for years and put up with all of the associated transport problems. I knew I would not continue to play after high school and I wanted a new instrument, something I could play after high school. I liked rock, blues, folk and country. I thought for a while and then it hit me - I really wanted something easy to transport. So I chose the harmonica. It was the day before Thanksgiving, I bought a Hohner in C and practiced for several hours per day during the 4-day Thanksgiving holiday. By Monday I could play a couple of songs well enough to impress my friends.

Every year at Thanksgiving I remember that time.

The "easy to transport" idea applies to ukulele as well, but the harmonica is the champ in the easy to transport category. A friend started a band and wanted me to play harmonica on a couple of songs. I showed up for practice empty handed and she met me at the door with a disappointed, "Didn't you bring your instruments?" I had brought my instruments, 3 of them, all in the inside pocket of my jacket!