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07-03-2008, 11:41 AM
Hey there!

Ive been playing a cheap soprano, a Tanglewood (I belive it is exactly the same as the lanikai equivelent, made in the same place and simply badged differently) for a while now and am looking to get something a little nicer.

My current instrument is all laminate whoknowswhatwood, i would like to get something with at least a solid top.

Other Uk based members will be aware of the situation of Ukulele shops in the Uk, as in the distinct lack of. Those that do exist are rather too far away to visit really.

Ideally i would like a nice kiwaya, but having recently arranged a trip to see Tom Waits in Edinburgh i can't afford to splash out too much.

I recently discovered Bruko, i had no idea they existed before, despite tireless Uke research for the last few months.

Bruko seem almost too good to be true: made in Europe, Solid woods, great price. It makes me wonder, whats the catch?

Anyone own one or have experience with the brand?

Sorry for the awfully long post :$

07-04-2008, 03:53 PM
(i'm french, i don't have a very good english)
I've got a Bruko Slim (black, ~95€, made in Germany) with Worth Clear strings (~15€). I bought it because in french forums, everybody got a good opinion of Brukos Slim.
I never tried very expensive ukuleles, and this is my first one, so I don't know how much better the 300-400€ ukuleles are.
But I'm very happy with it, and it is really better than a Stagg US-80S (~80€) with the same strings that I tried.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qr1sGyG_jR8 : Here you can hear a (french) demo of a Bruko Slim White.

I remember a video on Youtube of a good ukulele player with a Bruko N°6 (~80€).
you can try to find Youtube videos to hear the instruments...

Jacman Rasta Bicycle
07-04-2008, 07:19 PM
Hi Futch,

my first uku was a Bruko. from what i understand they are/were made in Germany.

they sound ok. solid woods. i'd experiment with different strings to improve the sound.
for the price, i'd think about a Flea or a Fluke. they sound MUCH better.