View Full Version : Two questions - Second Pickup? and Third Pickup?

12-12-2010, 07:35 PM
First question: I have my Almuse, humbucker four wire pick up and three way switch on the way. I am sure I will be happy with this pick up, but... I am thinking about also adding a Lil Puncher XL- Neck Pickup like Rob at Jupiter Ukulele uses. From those who have experience with steel string pick ups, is this crazy or will they sound different enough to make adding a second pickup worth while.
Second question: The reason for this steel string conversion is so I can play on my Roland GR20 Synth. The Roland has it's own small narrow pickup that I will be installing in addition to the magnetic pick ups. Is there anyone out there with experience installing a Roland GK3 pickup on a uke? If so I would like to send you my phone number and talk about how you installed it. Thanks again.