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07-04-2008, 07:34 AM
What's up people?!

I just got a new Pono PKT-1 tenor. The G string is a low G wound string and the C string is just wound. I'm having a hard time sliding between the Bm chord to I think the Em chord. Does anyone know if there's a way to dull the friction sound you get when you slide on a steel/wound strings? Is there wax I can buy to fill the grooves? Your help is much appreciated.

Also, for any Pono tenor owners or to anyone who has played a Pono; what would be the best strings to replace the current ones with?

One more thing...I noticed tiny tiny cracks running vertical on the very base of the neck (where to it connects to the body). Is this something to worry about in the long run? My gut feeling tells me it is...or am I just being too paranoid?

Thanks gang! I know you guys/gals will come through.


P.S. Pics of the cracks to come later.

Ken Middleton
07-04-2008, 08:47 PM
I don't like wound string on a ukulele. But, it will get easier to slide as the natural oils from your fingers gradually coat the string. Also, as the string gets more grimy it will become easier too. I think there is also a teflon-based spray that some guitarist use, but I have never used it.

As for the cracks. If they are in the wood, you may have serious problems. If they are in the polish, it may just be because the polish is quite thick on the instrument.

I had a koa Pono briefly (see my review on UkuleleHunt or YT) and I sent it back. I got a Kanile'a instead. I have since got an Ohana, which I also prefer. I am not saying that you should send yours back, but that may be one option if you are not happy with it.

I would like to see the pictures of the cracks. Send me a message on YT and I will make sure I look at them.


07-05-2008, 09:17 AM
I bought the Pono PTO about 5 months ago and am about to switch out the strings with Worth CT-LG's. These are clear (light-guage?) fluorocarbon strings with an unwound low G and C. Included in the descriptive are the words "brighter and more forward" so I'm hoping for something with a little more punch than the original Ko'olau Golds that came with it.

I'm not too fond of the wound low G and C strings myself, since they seem to possess a distinctly different character than the flurocarbons. I'll string it up tonight and post my impressions.

07-05-2008, 01:47 PM
OK. Worths are on.

My first impression is better playability. Fretting is easier. The Ko'olau strings were heavier gauge which made for more work, especially on the lower frets. The unwound C and low G on the Worth set make more sense to me sonically, although the unwound low G and C on the Worths lack some of the tension that the wound low G and C on the Ko'olau's had. There is more slack to them.

That may be why wound strings are included in many sets - to add tension to the lower strings and contribute to more consistent feedback (touch) between all strings. It's requires an adjustment in your attack on the lower strings.

Sound-wise I would say the Worths are indeed brighter, but not by all that much. To me it's an improvement. Haven't lived with 'em yet, but my initial impression is favorable.

07-05-2008, 04:34 PM
The wound string will give your uke a more beefier sound. As far as the G and C string being wound, I havent see that much. Usually you see a wound G which will be a Low G or just a wound C string and the G is a high G.

As far as your cracks on the uke. It is hard to tell without a picture. Who did you get it from. I would go back to them and have them check it out.